Counseling Based On Neuroscience

At Cary Counseling Center, our therapists emphasize the science of cultivating emotions.  We know that conscious control of behavior is often over-ridden by emotion from lower brain centers in what’s called the limbic system.  Therapies and counseling that rely on insight alone don’t produce optimal results.  We employ newer science-based techniques such as EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), Ego-state psychotherapy, Mindfulness Training, Cognitive Behavior Therapy and hypnotherapy.

Brain imagingresearch has revealed that some of the Eastern meditation disciplines have a profound effect on the nervous system.  Mindfulness-based meditation is able to strengthen executive function  in the upper brain region to better “down-regulate” the lower amygdata fear center.  In other words, mindfulness meditation can strengthen the brakes on your general anxiety.  Research has also shown that the well-known “placebo effect” can produce real biological changes in the brain that directly corresponds to symptom reduction.  If you learn how to harness this effect then you can actually have more influence over how your mind and emotions operate.  The art of auto-hypnosis capitalizes on this mechanisms.  You can learn to better manage your emotions if you learn the art of tactful influence through auto-hypnosis instead of trying to bully your unconscious with rigid control.

Read some of the science behind our counseling

Dr. Kaye has evolved several forms of therapy based on his years of independent study of pychophysiological research.  In the chapters below, Dr. Kaye explains some of the science in layman’s terms in these chapters from his upcoming book “When Love and Anger Got Married: Human Paradox and Spiritual Growth:”

 Chapter 1 – Questions

 Chapter 2 – Our Quantum Selves

 Chapter 3 – Choosing Our Colors

 Chapter 4 – Burning It In

 Chapter 5 – Cracking The Enigma


Here are some very technical papers written by Dr. Kaye about some of his counseling and therapy techniques):

Reversing Reciprocal Suppression in the Anterior Cingulate Cortex (PDF required)

Conflict Inoculation Training