Marriage Retreats

Dr. Bryce Kaye and his wife Helen offer intensive marriage retreats on board their pilothouse sailboat while cruising to scenic port towns on the rivers and sounds of North Carolina.  Read more on their sister website Love Odyssey Charters by selecting either of the pictures below.

These nautical marriage retreats offer marriage and couples counseling in a private environment.  The sessions are conducted by psychologist Dr. Bryce Kaye and his wife Helen working as a team.  Helen and Bryce provide training for up to four hours each day with just you and your partner. It’s very private and personal. All the while, you will sail to lovely locations on the North Carolina Coast. The scenic rivers and quaint coastal towns offer the perfect relaxing environment to promote your intimate reconnection. You can stay in beautiful bed-and-breakfasts, eat in restaurants of your choice, shop, swim or do nothing at all but relax. This is part of our strategy. The changing ports of call and the opportunities for new exploration help shift you both to a state of flexible receptivity. Each day of the odyssey involves several alternating periods of intense counseling and relaxing fun. Our couples appreciate how we pace their learning in manageable bites. We allow each couple to digest the information that they’ve derived from each counseling session. During each unstructured period they can talk more casually while exploring each port of call. This formula of alternating work and play states is highly effective.

Horses at Beaufort

Early Ocracoke

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