Scheduling Appointments

Each counselor at Cary Counseling Center manages their own schedule of appointments. To set an appointment with a specific counselor, call (919) 467 1180 and ask the receptionist to have the counselor return your call. Your message will be electronically delivered via alphanumeric pager within minutes. If not in session, your counselor can usually return your call fairly quickly.
If you have not yet chosen a counselor, please review the background information on each of the Center’s counselors by visiting our THERAPISTS PAGE.  Each counselor has written a description of their style and theoretical orientation so that you can get a feel for how they work. Some have also included written articles so that you can get a sense for how they think as well.
One complication in choosing a counselor may be the restrictions in a managed health care plan. If your plan involves a preferred provider panel, pre-authorization of services, or if it flatly denies coverage for some services such as marriage counseling, it would be best for you to call them directly to get the details. You can then check to see if your choice of counselor and service will be covered and authorized. If so, try to obtain the authorization number, the total number of authorized sessions, and the co-pay amount. Some companies may give you a list of names but you are not actually authorized for counseling until you finally call them back with your choice. It should also be mentioned that some companies will routinely give you a list of their lowest paid counselors (to protect their profit) unless you specify a counselor of your choice. In this type of situation, you will not even be informed of some of the more seasoned counselors unless you specifically ask for them by name.